Webhosting: The Five Things to Know before You Buy

There are so many web hosts on the internet, but each has its difference when it comes to services. But you need a good web host, whether it is for personal or business use. There are several types of web hosting, which include; dedicated good for large and high traffic websites, collocated with this type they let you host in the same location with the server, cloud, shared this type the website has its own domain and offer multiple software solutions.

Each facilitate different types of hosting, there is also free web hosting best for small sites with less traffic. The two differ only with the quality of services, with free web hosting the services are average while the other has high quality services.   Before buying always make sure that your needs are satisfied, and at an affordable rate. There are some considerations you should look at before you buy.

Security and speed

Security is very essential when it comes to web hosting, what happens if your domain is hacked. You might lose all the data that is necessary for the running of your business. You need to know the steps your web master will be taken to protect you from such damage. Confirm from your web host about their firewalls, PCI compliance and DDoS protection, they should be updated daily for maximum protection.

Another thing that you should consider is the speed and performance of the web host’s servers, whether it is a personal website or a business website speed is very essential.  This is because most customers will move to the next site if the current is slow, this is a fact so always go for a web host with speed. When it comes to web hosting you need more bandwidth, these will cater for your ever increasing traffic. You won’t like a sluggish site, it discourages customers.


Accessibility, expansion and support

Also, before choosing a web host, consider how reliable and accessible they are. A web site with less down time will attract more customers, accessibility is very important to your customers. You don’t want customers to access you today, but tomorrow you won’t be accessible to serve them. Always research on the hosts down time, most hosts always claim over 95 percent up time which can be hard. Another consideration has been growth and expansion, what happens if your traffic increases. Does the speed and performance go down, or do you have to move to another web host.

With every business the first priority is the customer, the second priority is expanding and if the web host you are about to buy does not allow for expansion then you have a problem. The web host should explain what will happen when your business expands, or will your domain start slugging. Support is also very important, how quickly can the web host address an urgent problem. Local web hosting are better because they are easier to get to, rather than having to call abroad for help. Good customer support makes web hosting very easy.

What Comes With Free Web Hosting Space?

So many features come with free web hosting space and all this depends on who your host is. More free service providers are coming up and even more clients who need free web hosts as well. Once you get hosting space for free you should make the best out of it, but just remember you will get worked up because of some features.

Pop ups

With free web hosting comes numerous strange advertisements which you won’t even understand. The host will place ads on the sides, top or bottom of your page randomly without your permission. It’s like you won’t have any control of what content your site will have. The sad part is that when there are clicks on the ads, it’s the site host who gets the money and not you. Some users or customers might see pop ups and get very irritated at the whole site so they will leave without hesitating. Because the site hosting is free you will have to understand that this is how the hosts make their money.



Most forums based websites will welcome all your posts and thoughts without any worries. All you have to do is register at first and you become a member. Once you make interesting posts which lure many clicks from users you start getting points. After the points reach a certain threshold you will exchange that with free web hosting space. As you post more and stay in the forums longer you be upgraded to even better web hosting services. Some people go as far as getting email services, better bandwidth and more space as well. However, once you stop posting in the forums your web will be discarded.


What most people don’t like about free web hosting services is the lack of freedom. You will not be at liberty to do anything you want with your site and this could greatly affect your customers’ perception about your professionalism. The first limitation, you are likely to get is that it might as well take even a week to get your site up and running. Free hosts use manual approval techniques to register new clients so the process could take a long time. With free hosting you will also not have any ASP, MySQL and PHP support. You also get limitation on FTP accounts. As you might also want to upload many files to the server, they will not all be accepted. For security reasons you will also not be allowed to have zipped files on your site as well.

It is such an uphill task to have free web hosting space. Even though people might be crazy about free services you will not enjoy it and even your customers will not enjoy it at all. Customer support will also be an issue, especially when your site is down. Your site will not grow well and you will not get customized services which are very important, especially for eCommerce and other online activities. However, for a start you can opt for the free services so long as you will easily get through the hurdles.



Criteria for Picking Net Web Hosting

With the many existing and upcoming web hosts, it is becoming hard for prospective clients to subscribe with the best web host. Net web hosting is the most effective way to advertise and communicate to the clients, thus as a business choosing the best host is crucial. There so many websites claiming to be reviewing web hosts, but be careful when making your decision based on these reviews. There are some which are too good to be true, which might be posted by the employees of the same web host they claim to be the best. While other reviews are negative, and could be from the competition. But this does not mean that you ignore all the reviews, especially the reviews you get from the forums posted by other clients are very important.

The hosts’ forums, down time and features

 Generally, visiting the forums of the host you are prospecting is very important, you get to see the reviews from other existing clients and see how the host responds to the clients’ issues. Also an active forum means active net web hosting, you do not want to join a host whose forum is inactive. Active forums give the client a sense of joining a community, and not some faceless organization. If the forum is active then most probably the hosts’ downtime is very minimal, this is a good way to evaluate a host.

Another thing to look out for when choosing a host, is the down time too much of it is not healthy for your organization. Can the host relied on to be available any time of the day, if yes then they are the best partners for you. Unreliable host means your domain will not be reliable, thus loss of customers for your business.

Another consideration before picking net web hosting is the bandwidth and disk space, look at how much they are providing and compare it with what others are offering then make your decision. These two features are very important, especially if your domain will be having many visitors, ask yourself will the bandwidth offer be sufficient for your clients and is the disk space enough to hold all your files. If the number of visitors increase will the bandwidth and space be sufficient.

Security and the operating system

 Look at the other features they are offering, such as FTP, PHP, Perl, SSH and the others. Especially if you will be paying, they must be able to facilitate these services. File transferring is very important to a business.Security is also something you ought to consider, let them explain the measures they have against malware and data loss. If they have none be careful in case of data loss it can be tricky unless you have your own backup.

Always consider the operating system the host is using, if you have applications which require the windows software Linux won’t work. Price is very important, why pay extra while you can get similar services from another host at a cheaper price.







Web Hosting Basics

Web hosting is the service that permits individuals and organizations to post a web page or an entire website on to the Internet. A web hosting service provider, is a firm that provides the services and technologies required for the web pages or website to be seen on the Internet. These sites are stored, or hosted, on specialized computers known as servers.

There are several types of hosting companies usually depending on how they offer their services. The following is a possible categorization of some of the most common types of web hosting companies;


Shared web hosts

This is the most common way of hosting a website. It is recommended, especially for individuals to start on and also for those without really heavy or dedicated use because it is easy to use. In this type of hosting, a single server is used by several clients, giving the following benefits of that it is cheaper as you do not have to pay the cost of the whole server as you are sharing with others and it is also easy to use the hosting company is responsible for all maintenances and any security update that may be required on your behalf. Also the server sets with the most common options, giving you an easy time with the control panel.

The disadvantage is that by sharing a server when a site is really busy among the ones that are shared, it may consequently affect the rest of the site. It is also offers less flexibility as a result of being shared.

Dedicated hosting

This is the most preferred and prestigious type of web hosting available. In this type of hosting a client gets a server and all its resources and then they are dedicated solely to that particular site. It is the most executive type of hosting and comes with the following benefits; it offers the flexibility of customization since one is at will choosing the specific hardware and software that will suit their needs. You also enjoy guaranteed speed and full control as you are not being affected by any other site. The shortcoming of this type of setup is the fact that you need to have technical understanding and functioning of servers as you have to tune, then the server and maintain it by yourself and also the cost to acquire and run is really high and only affordable and recommended for large corporations.

Cloud hosting

It is usually a kind of a combo of shared and dedicated hosting. A site has its own server yet the host shares servers with other clouds. This is done by the use of virtual partitioning, which allows for personal customization just like in dedicated. The cloud has the advantage of that it is more flexible and reliable as it is able to adapt to problems in hardware and in case of a failure relocate your site to a safe location. Also, there is a fact that your website enjoys dedicating resources and also only a few sites share a server. Due to the presence of virtual servers, the users are able to customize their partitions.

Is The Blue Web Hosting The Same As Bluehost?

Blue Web Hosting

Many clients who occasionally look for the blue hosting services have suffered confusions by treating the Blue Web Hosting as different from the Bluehost. Well, there are no different. It is one and the same. The former has been occasionally referred to as the “Bluehost” as a term that is rather shorter and easy for their customers. Blue Web Hosting is one of the oldest and reputable shared hosting companies. Blue hosting is rather the service delivery process while the Bluehost is the name of the hosting company or the service provider. It is therefore very important not to treat them as different and separate companies.

Blue Web Hosting Plans

Web hosting plans with Bluehost are very favorable in terms of price and hosting service in general. There are two types of hosting plan, the Basic Plan and the Enterprise plan. The Basic plan is available for the entry-level clients and its price is as low as premium and platinum equivalent of other web hosting companies. The enterprise plan is also as low as the entry level plans other web hosting competitors. In overall, blue hosting provides you with relatively cheap and efficient hosting features as compared to their competitors.

Blue Web Hosting provides you with very fast and reliable web hosting services due to dual processor servers that other web hosting service providers do not have. Bluehost also has high speed multiple connected, reactant storage and consistent backup. Their support system is also very quick and provides solutions to the technical issues within no time.  Blue Hosting usually built their system to satisfy their customers’ needs and they always obtain additional features without any additional cost.

Blue Hosting Provider occasionally undertakes different projects so as to develop new products and services that will eventually improve their service quality to their consumers. They are concerned with data security, service efficiency, quality support services, web hosting management and eventually customer satisfaction.

Blue web hosting and blue host is just one and the same company. Blue web hosting provides website hosting solution. They function in a way that, if you have your website ready as well as   blue host they will do the hosting. This is where blue host can help you get started with internet even if you are new. They offer hosting solution for both small business and individual as long as you have a domain name and a website they are ready to help you host your website with them. Blue  host serves  as  one  of  the  most hosts  provider in the  world  and this  has  been due  to various reasons. They have good support, customer service and customer satisfaction has been always their major focus.

If you are looking for a hosting service that will provide you with all of the above, you may be interested in selecting the Bluehost as your web hosting service provider. Shared hosting services are cheaper, especially if you are still in the entry level and not sure which way of hosting service to go. Do a web hosting compare to determine your suitability choice for your web hosting service.



The subject in coming up with a list of the top ten web hosts is not only a relative one but also a subjective one. The reasons that these lists vary depending among various individuals due to the different goals people have when selecting the top ten web hosts. This therefore brings about the variation in the web hosts noted down by various individuals or organizations. However, there are some basic reasons or considerations that everyone puts in place when coming up with the list of top ten web hosts. The biggest of these reasons is the type of web host. This refers to the fact as to whether the web host is a free or a commercial one.

3d illustration of a glossy globe on a white floor/background with a large chrome at/email symbol sitting in front of it

For Free Web Hosts
There are a couple of reasons in relation to free web hosts that brings about the disparity in selection of the top ten web hosts. Some of these reasons include the amount and availability of web space being offered by the web host. This is an important factor to put into consideration, especially knowing the fact that as one progresses, the demands of one’s website in terms of web space will also grow. Hence, when looking into this factor, it is important to forecast before selecting the web host. It’s for this reason that differences in the selection of web hosts occur.
The amount of advertising within one’s web page, which in most cases is involuntary as many web hosting companies offering free web hosting services have to find a means to cover costs and this is in most cases done through advertising in the user page, whether it is convenient or not.
There should also be a consideration as to the limits of file sizes and file types put in place during uploads, as some web hosts have strict limits that prove to be inconvenient to the users.
It is also crucial to consider web host’s allocation of bandwidth, as this will determine the service delivery and output in the long run.
The speed at which the web pages can be accessed and the web host’s reliability is also crucial and determines a wide array of differences.
For Commercial Web Hosts
Just as there are reasons for the varying list of top ten web hosts for the free web hosts, there are reasons for the variance for the commercial web hosts. Some of the key reasons include the speed of the web host service and most importantly its reliability.
The amount of the entitled disc space also plays a major role as different individuals have varying requirements when it comes to this. The level and consistency of the web host’s technical support, also determine its preference in relation to other web hosts.
The costs incurred for the web hosting service will also vary thereby attracting or discouraging different users. The level of at which the site is maintained, which determines its reliability is also important. Finally the user’s plan in relation to the duration of the contract favorable to them is also a factor.

All About Argos

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